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January 8th.- Billiard Match, Pickwick B.C. v Stanley C.C., at Eldon Street. Four games played, each side winning two. A good attendance of both clubs.


January 15th.- Thirtieth annual general meeting and election of officers. Retirement of Mr. Blotton from the office of Treasurer, which he held from January 1890. The following officers were elected for the year:- President, Mr. S.C. Rhodes; Vice-Presidents, Messrs. Maverly, Fussell, Bryant, Beningfield, Robey, Jacobs, Riehmer, Sloughgrove, Boulter, Mann, Hollands and Yeoman: Captain, T.J. Boulter; Sub-Captain, G. Palmer; Hon. Treasurer, F.E. Hill; Hon. Secretary, Edward Hill; Assistant Hon. Secretary, W.E. Blake; Committee, Messrs. Yeoman, Fenton, Buckland, H.V. Smith, Kemball, Hollands and Parker. Messrs. W.E. Blake and G. Palmer were elected delegates to the N.C.U..


January 18th.- Cinderella Dance at the Cripplegate Institute; a poor attendance.


February 24th.- Smoking concert, organized by Mr. Blotton, at headquarters; a great success.


February 26th.- Adjourned annual meeting.


March 15th.- Return Billiard Match at Stanley Cycling Club’s headquarters. Our opponents won all four games. A very pleasant evening was spent.


March 31st.- Opening meeting of thirty-first season at headquarters, when a very large number of members and friends attended. A presentation of a handsome escritoire was made to Mr. E. Hollands in recognition of his valuable services as Treasurer of the Club for ten years.


April 12th to 16th, Easter Tour.- Twenty-six members and visitors attended. Starting from Bristol, the route taken was by Berkeley Heath, Gloucester, Tewkesbury, Worcester, Tenbury, and Ludlow, Hereford, Ross, Valley of the Wye, visiting Tintern Abbey, thence to Chepstow and back to Bristol. A most successful tour, thoroughly enjoyed by all.


June 30th.- Inter-club run with Stanley Cycling Club to Alton, continued on the following day to Haslemere. The weather was not good, and there was not a large attendance, but the run was much enjoyed by those who went.


August 25th.- Annual run to Brighton. Bad weather, but a very good attendance.


September 15th.- Second run to Brighton. An improvement on the former, but the Circular does not state the number that attended.


September 29th.- Twenty-first Anniversary of Inter-club run with London Scottish and Dartmouth Park Clubs to the Old Salisbury, at Barnet. Mr. Pickwick presided, and there were present several of the Colonial Troops from the war on a visit to this country.


October 13th.- Closing meeting of season. A very excellent gathering, and Mr. Blotton’s musical programme splendid as usual. The prizes for the eighth Billiard Handicap should have been presented as follows: Mr. Jesse Hill, first; Mr. H.V. Smith, second; Mr. K.M. Yeoman, third; but only Mr. Yeoman of the three was present, and he had a very hearty reception on taking his prize.


November 10th.- A Progressive Whist evening at headquarters; sixteen attended, who had a pleasant evening.


November 19th.- Billiard Match with Stanley Cycling Club at headquarters. A very good attendance. The Stanley C.C. won four out of five games. There was some very fine play.


December 1st.- Thirty-first Annual Dinner at Frascatti’s. About 140 members and friends sat down, and everyone voted the evening an unqualified success. Mr. Blotton’s musical arrangements were of their usual excellence, and the artistic programme as usual the generous gift of Brother Tadger.


December 15th.- Club walk, under the leadership of Mr. Staple (Mr. Richard Masters) and Count Smorltork. Eight members started from East Croydon, various others joining en route, and nineteen sat down to tea at Bromley, six more joining during the course of the evening. A most harmonious meeting.


December 22nd.- Annual Soiree Musicale at headquarters. Last gathering of the Nineteenth Century, well attended, splendid programme.



January 14th, Thirty-first Annual General Meeting.- The following officers were elected for the year:- President, Mr. Shirley Fussell; Past Presidents, Messrs. Maverly, Beningfield, Sloughgrove, Boulter, Mann, Hollands, Yeoman and Rhodes; Vice-Presidents, Messrs. Bryant, Robey, Jacobs and Riehmer; Captain, S.C. Rhodes; Sub-Captain, F.E. Hill; Hon. Treasurer, K.M. Yeoman; Hon. Secretary, Edward Hill; Assistant Hon. Secretary, W.E. Blake; Committee, Messrs. Hollands, Boulter, Kemball, Parker, S. Fortescue, and Mann. Messrs. W.E. Blake and G. Palmer were appointed delegates to N.C.U..


February 7th.- Billiard Match. Return at Stanley headquarters; a good attendance. We only managed to win one game of five. 


March 2nd.- Club walk, under the guidance of the Rev. Mr. Stiggins. Nine members went, and had an enjoyable outing. 


March 16th.- Opening meeting of season. Very well attended; a large number of visitors being present who much enjoyed the musical programme. 


March 28th.- Billiard Match at headquarters between  Messrs. Jesse Hill and Percy Buckler. Mr. Struggles allowed his opponent 100 points in 600 and won by 60. A very interesting game, and a good attendance. 


April 4th to 8th.- Easter Tour in the West of England, Valley of the Wye. First day, from Cirencester to Worcester; second, to Monmouth; third, to Newnham; fourth, back to Cirencester, returning in evening by train to London. Twenty-five members and friends attended the tour, which was very successful, and much enjoyed by all. 


April 19th.- First House Supper at headquarters. Twenty-six sat down to an excellent cold collation, followed by a musical evening, and had a capital time. 


May 24th to 28th.- Whitsun Tour in Ireland, under the guidance of Serjeant Buzfuz (Mr. J.C. Percy, of Dublin). Eight Pickwickians and five friends attended, under the captaincy of Mr. Blotton. The whole affair was a brilliant success, and a very full account was given in the Irish Wheelman of the period. 


June 8th.-Club run to Odiham, returning next day. Well attended; delightful weather. 


June 14th.- Second House Supper at headquarters. Twenty members attended, and had a very jolly evening. 


June 29th.- Club run to Brighton. Eleven attended. Owing to wet weather on the Sunday, members had to return to Town by train. 


August 10th.- Extension run to Burnham-on-Crouch. 


August 24th.- Extension run to Bedford. 


September 21st.- Inter-club run to Barnet with London Scottish and Dartmouth Park Clubs. Weather bad and a poor attendance. 


September 28th.- Inter-club run to Slough with Stanley Cycling Club. On the Saturday, thirty sat down to supper, and next day the party numbered seventy-four to dinner at the Royal Hotel. A very enjoyable week end to all. 


October 19th.- Closing meeting at headquarters. A very large attendance; music good as usual. Tom Wildspark gave an interesting Lantern Show, the principal exponents being Jinkins (J.T. Boulter), and Mr. Lowten (W.G. Churcher). 


November 9th.- Club walk under the leadership of Mr. Pickwick from Taplow to Littleworth Common. The company numbered fifteen and had a capital time, some returning to Town next day. 


November 30th.- The thirty-second Annual Dinner, held at Frascati’s Restaurant; Count Smorltork, President, in the chair. Over 150 sat down to a capital dinner, followed by the usual excellent programme of music. The usual collection for The Referee Children’s Dinner Fund amounted to over £39. 


December 21st.- The annual Soiree Musicale. About fifty were present, and a very jolly evening, contributed to by all Club talent, was spent. 



January 4th.- A walk through Epping Forest under the leadership of the Rev. Mr. Stiggins. Weather very bad. Tea at Forest Hotel, Chingford, where a very pleasant musical evening was spent.


January 13th.- Thirty-second Annual General Meeting.- The following officers were elected for the year:- President, Mr. Herbert C. Hill; Vice-Presidents, Messrs. Bryant, Robey, Jacobs and Riehmer; Captain, S.C. Rhodes; Sub-Captain, Geo. Palmer; Hon. Treasurer, K.M. Yeoman; Hon. Secretary, Edward Hill; Assistant Hon. Secretary, W.E. Blake; Committee, Messrs. Kemball, Parker, Hollands, Boulter, S. Fortescue, L.V. Smith and H. Mann. Messrs. W.E. Blake and G. Palmer were re-elected delegates to N.C.U..


January 20th.- Billiard Match v Stanley Cycling Club at Eldon Street. Pickwick B.C. 3 games; Stanley C.C. 2 games.


During this month some very interesting relics were presented to the Club by our old friend W.G. Churcher (Mr. Lowten), and may be seen adorning the walls of the club-room.


February 17th.- At the adjourned annual general meeting on this date, which was largely attended, it was resolved (with only two dissentients) to abolish Associate Membership.


February 21st.- Return Billiard Match at Stanley Cycling Club headquarters. A very pleasant evening, though our opponents had all their own way at Billiards.


March 9th.- Opening meeting at headquarters. A good muster, and successful evening; thanks, as usual, mainly to Mr. Blotton.


March 21st.- House Supper at headquarters. A very disappointing affair; only fifteen turned up.


March 27th to 31st, Easter Tour.- Twenty-one members started on this tour. Train from Paddington to Bath. The route on the following days lay through Glastonbury, Taunton, Yeovil, Dorchester, Wimbourne, and Lyndhurst to Southampton, and train back to London. The weather turned out so bad that all but eight of the party returned by train from Dorchester on the Sunday.


April 26th.- Extension run to Cambridge. Seven members carried out the run against a head wind. The return ride was via Hitchin.


May 12th.- Exhibition Billiard Matches at headquarters, between Messrs. Jesse Hill and Evison, and Messrs. Evison and R. Osborne (Stanley C.C.). In each match, of 300 up, Mr. Evison was the winner. This was a thoroughly enjoyable evening to all lovers of the game, some most excellent play being witnessed. Several Stanley men accepted the Club’s invitation to see their champion play.


May 16th to 19th.- Whitsun Tour in Ireland. Conducted by Serjeant Buzfuz (Mr. J.C. Percy, of Dublin). There is a very full description in the Irish Wheelman of the period of this tour. The weather was bad, and the occasion will doubtless be impressed upon memories of all those joining the tour, by the shocking catastrophe which happened to a boat full of tourists, and the boatman accompanying them, all being drowned, on the Killarney Lakes.


June 21st.- Extension run to Shenley, Bucks. (by special desire of Count Smorltork). A good party supported the Captain and the Count, and sat down to an excellent dinner on arrival. The return next day was via Aylesbury and Tring.


July.- There were two extension runs this month, via., to Brighton on the 12th, and an inter-club run with the Stanley Cycling Club to Alton; both were poorly attended, and the weather was not good.


August 9th.- There was a “Coronation” extension run to Wokingham on this date, but it was attended by only four members. Also during this month an additional run under the direction of Whiffen (R.F. Burge), to Dunstable, where an enjoyable time was spent.


The tenth Billiard Handicap was finished during the month of August, the winners being: S.H. Elliott, first; S.C. Rhodes, second; Jesse Hill, third.


September 13th.- A special run to Dunstable, arranged by Mr. Blotton, attended by eight members. Our hon. member, Mr. Willie Wright, went down specially to assist in the musical entertainment.


October 4th.- Inter-club run with London Scottish and Dartmouth Park Clubs to the Old Salisbury at Barnet. The weather was bad, and but few members went; an enjoyable evening was, however, spent.


October 18th.- Closing meeting at headquarters. Seventy to eighty members and friends attended. Messrs. L.V. Smith, Thompson, Churcher, &c., contributed to the programme.


November 17th.- Exhibition Billiards, at headquarters, by Messrs. Jesse Hill, Evison, and Barron. A very enjoyable evening, some very fine billiards being witnessed.


November 22nd.- House Supper at headquarters, arranged by Count Smorltork. A very great success, no less than fifty-two members and friends sitting down to a well-served meal. A smoking concert followed (the Captain in the chair), whereat some excellent talent appeared, including our old friends Sam Wright and Johnny Price.


December 6th.- Thirty-third Annual Dinner, the President , Mr. H.C. Hill, in the chair. About 135 attended, and everything was as successful as usual.


December 20th.- The Annual Soiree Musicale was poorly attended, but those who were there enjoyed the evening.



January 19th, Thirty-third Annual General Meeting.- The following officers were elected for the year:- President, Mr. W.E. Blake; Vice-Presidents, Messrs. Bryant, Robey, Jacobs and Riehmer; Captain, S.C. Rhodes; Sub-Captain, G. Palmer; Hon. Treasurer, K.M. Yeoman; Hon. Secretary, Edward Hill; Assistant Hon. Secretary, in abeyance; Committee, Messrs. Boulter, Parker, Mann, S. Fortescue, L.V. Smith, R.F. Burge and W.A. Elston. Messrs. W.E. Blake and G. Palmer were re-elected as delegates to N.C.U.. 


January 26th.- Billiard Match v Stanley Cycling Club, at headquarters. A good attendance of both clubs. Stanley C.C. won three games, Pickwick B.C. two. 


January.- The Club registered under the New Licensing Act. 


February 20th.- Return Billiard Match v  Stanley Cycling Club, at Tollington Park. Only a few of our members went. Result: Stanley C.C. three games, Pickwick B.C. two. Our winners were Messrs. Jesse Hill and Colonel Draffen. 


February 21st.- Club walk to Littleworth. Captain in charge; very successful. 


March 14th.- Opening meeting at headquarters. This was well attended, and a very excellent musical evening was enjoyed. 


April 10th to 13th, Easter Tour.- This year the experiment was tried of making headquarters at one place, and going thence for daily excursions. Bakewell, Derbyshire, was the spot selected, and the programme included visits to Chatsworth House, Haddon Hall, and other places of interest. Fifteen members attended the outing, and although some rough and snowy weather was experienced, the following Circular describes it as an “unqualified success.” 


April 12th.- Nathaniel Pipkin rode 100 miles in ten hours, against the wind, on his 70th birthday. 


June.- The winners of the First Ordinary Handicap of the year were, A.N. Garton, first; Hayter Scrivener, second; Colonel Draffen, third. The American Handicap was won by Count Smorltork. 


July 11th.- Run to Brighton attended by Master Bardell, Mr. Blotton and Mr. Smangle


July 25th.- Sub-Captain’s run to Great Marlow; only four attended. A launch excursion formed part of the proceedings, but weather was bad. 


September 12th.- Run to Dunstable, Mr. Blotton in charge. Eight attended and had a very good time. 


September 26th.- Inter-club run with London Scottish and Dartmouth Park Clubs to the old Salisbury, Barnet – a successful affair. 


October 10th.- Final extension run to Ivinghoe, near Tring. Nine members supported the Captain, and enjoyed themselves much. 


October 17th.- Closing meeting at headquarters; sixty members and friends attended. The musical talent was almost entirely supplied by members of the Club, and all went off delightfully. 


November 28th.- Thirty-fourth Annual Dinner, at Frascati’s. Mr. W.E. Blake, President, in the chair; 122 members and friends sat down. An excellent dinner and a splendid musical programme, and everything went off most successfully. 


December 19th.- The Annual Soiree Musicale, at headquarters, not numerously attended, but very enjoyable. 


January 18th.- Thirty-fourth Annual General Meeting and Election of Officers. President, Captain T.J. Boulter (Jinkins); Captain, Stephen C. Rhodes (Mr. Pickwick); Sub-Captain, George Palmer (Mr. Snicks); Hon. Treasurer, K.M. Yeoman (Lieut. Tappleton); Hon. Secretary, Edward Hill (Mr. Smangle); Assistant Hon. Secretary, Walter E. Blake (Hon. Mr. Crushton); Committee, W.A. Elston (Villam), L.V. Smith (Tuckle), R.F. Burge (Whiffin), J.G.McDonald (Mr. Noddy), P.J. Groom (Mr. Blink). 


January 25th.- Inter-Club Billiard Match with Stanley Cycling Club at Eldon Street. A very enjoyable evening was spent, though the home team only won one game. 


February 6th.- The first Club walk of the season. Eleven members travelled by train from Euston to Tring, and walked thence to Ivinghoe, where dinner was partaken of, and a very pleasant musical evening spent. On the following morning (Sunday) the party walked to Dunstable and lunched there, returning to Town by train. The weather on Saturday was not good, but was so on Sunday, and the outing was generally voted a success. 


February 19th.- Return Billiard Match with the Stanley Cycling Club at their headquarters. There was a good attendance of our members and the usual Stanley hospitality was enjoyed, but the honours of billiards were all our hosts. 


March 12th.- Opening of season at headquarters. There were about sixty members and friends present and a most excellent musical programme was provided by our friend Mr. Blotton


March.- The twelfth Billiard Handicap completed this month. First prize, Mr. F.J. Groom; Second, Mr. H.C. Hill; Third, Mr. S. Fortescue. 


April 1st to 4th, Easter Tour.- Only twelve members attended. Train was taken on Thursday evening from Waterloo to Salisbury, where the Red Lion Hotel was made the headquarters of the party for the time. The ride on Good Friday was to Stonehenge, lunch being taken at Amesbury. On Saturday to Ringwood, about sixteen miles through the Avon Valley; the latter part of the day turned wet. On Sunday a walking party visited the Roman Encampment, about three miles from Salisbury, returning to lunch at the Red Lion. On Easter Monday, some of the party rode part of the way back to Town, while others stayed the day, and returned by train in the evening. The holiday was much enjoyed by all. 


April 16th.- Extension run to Hatfield Broad Oak. Six members attended. 


May 13th.- Commencement of Continental Tour by Messrs. Boulter, Fussell, Hayter Scrivener and H.A. Coombs. The riding commenced at St. Malo, the route being round the coast of Brittany, up the river Loire, and then north to Dieppe, where the tour ended, over a thousand miles having been ridden, the weather generally being very favourable. The Count and Ben Allen returned on June 4th, and Jinkins and Mr. Prosee on the 7th


May 28th.- The Sub-Captain’s Run and Up-River Trip. Twelve members attended this very successful outing. On the 29th a launch was chartered, and a good long day spent on the River in perfect weather. 


July 8th.- Sir William T. Charley, ex-President of the Club, died suddenly at East Grinstead. 


July 9th.- Nine members accepted the kind invitation of Mr. and Mrs. Watson Dyer to visit them at Hutton Mount, Shenfield, making the Club run to that place, and heartily appreciated the Pickwickian welcome accorded them. 


October 8th.- Inter-club meeting at the Old Salisbury, Barnet, with the London Scottish and Dartmouth Park Clubs. An excellent attendance, and a most entertaining evening was spent. 


October 29th.- Closing meeting of the season at headquarters. A very large attendance and an excellent programme, arranged by Mr. Blotton as usual. 


November 23rd to 26th.- Pickwickian Exhibition at headquarters, organised by Mr. Walter G. Churcher. A most interesting and successful exhibition, visited by over two hundred members and friends. 


November 26th.- Thirty-fifth Annual Dinner at Frascati’s. One hundred and fifteen members and friends sat down, under the able Presidency of Captain T.J. Boulter. Mr. Blotton again provided a programme which met with universal approval, and Brother Tadger, as usual, contributed the beautiful programme covers. 


December 17th.- The Annual Soiree Musicale took place at headquarters, the attendance was not large, but a very enjoyable evening was spent. 









To be continued...


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