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Tempus omnia mutat” It seems worth recording that, on the 1st January in this year, a letter was received from the Stanley Bicycle Club, asking permission to state that their Annual Bicycle Show was under the patronage of the Pickwick Bicycle Club. The application was granted.


A smoking concert was held on the 18th January, under the management of Messrs. Beningfield, H. Scriveneer, and Duesbury. 


On the 16th January, it was decided to again enter a tug-of-war team for the Canonbury Bicycle Club competition. Arrangements left in the hands of Mr. H. Scrivener, Captain. The committee supper was fixed for the 22nd


At the annual general meeting, on January 29th, the following were elected to office for the ensuing year:- Vice-Presidents, Messrs. W.E. Maverly and J. Bryant; Captain, Mr. J.W. Beningfield; Sub-Captain, Mr. T.J. Boulter;Treasurer, Mr. C.T. Scrivener; Secretary, Mr. Shirley Fussell; Committee, Messrs. J. Nixon (32), H. Scrivener (32), G.T. Clough (30), H. Duesbury (29), O. Riehmer (27). 


On the 26th February, a smoking concert was held at headquarters, under the presidency of Mr. T.J. Boulter. The names of Messrs. H. Mann and H.A. Jacobs appear, among others, as contributors to the harmony of the evening. 


On March 2nd, a meeting was held at the Guildhall Tavern, to consider the advisability of holding another Hampton Court Meet. Mr. J.W. Beningfield was elected Chairman, and Mr. S. Fussell, Secretary. It was decided to hold another meet on 19th May. 


Opening Run, March 10th.- This appears to have been a very successful function The weather was very inclement, but over eighty members and friends assembled at the Forest Hotel, Chingford, under the chairmanship of the Captain. A capital musical programme was provided, but no details are given, beyond a reference to the excellence of Mr. W.G. Churcher’s recitations. It is recorded that, being Mr. Hayter Scrivener’s birthday, his health was drunk with musical honours. I notice the name of Mr. Robert Todd as among the visitors. 


The other runs for March were arranged as follows:- 23rd to 26th, Easter tour to Bournemouth, 31st, circular run to the George, Woodford – this outing was attended by eleven members. 


On March 12th, Sam Weller was unanimously elected Chairman of Committee for the ensuing year. 


Easter Tour. – Eighteen members started from Kew Bridge on Good Friday morning, this number being afterwards increased to twenty-four. The first day’s ride was to Winchester; the next through the New Forest to Bournemouth; on Sunday to Southampton, via Christchurch and Lyndhurst; on Easter Monday the route lay through Guildford and Esher to Richmond Station. The weather was fine up to the last day; but then, unfortunately, the riders encountered two snow storms and got wet through. The account concludes by stating that the tour was thoroughly enjoyed by all. 


At the general meeting on 25th March, it was resolved that at the end of each year two prizes be presented – one to the member who has attended most runs, and one to the member who has ridden the longest distances in one day; and if that distance exceed 180 miles the rider should have the silver medal of the Club. 


The runs for April were:- 7th, Goff’s Oak (twelve attended); 14th, Epping (sixteen attended); 21st, Lambourne End; 28th, Essendon. 


For May 5th, South Weald (fifteen attended); 12th, Independent runs; 19th, Abridge; 26th, Brentwood. 


Ninth and last Hampton Court Meet, May 19th. – This meet was held in fine weather, but the idea seemed to be flagging by this time, as the absence is noted of such important clubs as the Temple, London, Stanley, Surrey and others, and the question was freely mooted as to whether the show was now played out. There were a hundred Metropolitan clubs represented, numbering 1,122 riders, 34 Provincial clubs with 211 riders, 31 Tricyclists and 45 unattached, making a grand total of 1,409 riders. 


The runs for June were:- 2nd, Ridge Hill; 9th, Race Meeting at the Crystal Palace; 16th, Havering-atte-Bowe (six attended); 23rd, Ongar; 30th, Brighton (sixteen members and friends attended). 


On June 9th there was a race meeting at the Crystal Palace. The account in Bicycling News commences as follows:- “In glorious weather, with scarcely a breath of wind blowing, this important and ancient club brought off it’s annual race meeting last Saturday at the Crystal Palace. A large and fashionable attendance assembled, and the meeting was a thorough success from first to last.” 


The first event was a Half-Mile Invitation Scratch Tricycle Race, which was won by C.E. Liles in 1m. 38s. 


The Club Twenty-five Miles Championship was won by S. Kemp; J. Horn second; and A. Fisher third. Won by 25 yards; time1 h. 28 m. 50 s. 



Final Heat. E.G. Frost, Brixton Ramblers B.C., 120 yds.    1

                E.M. Mayes, Centaur B.C.             120 yds    

                M.H. Hay, Queen’s B.C.                55 yds      3

Won by 6 inches, a foot between second and third; time 2 m. 46 s. 


The officials were:- Judge, G. Lacy Hillier; Starter, Hayter Scrivener; Handicapper and Timekeeper, G.P. Coleman. 


National Cyclists’ Union, June 14th. – It will doubtless be of interest to our older members to note here that, at a meeting of the Bicycle Union held on 14th of June, it was proposed by Mr. R. Todd, and seconded by Mr. J.W. Beningfield, “That owing to the large number of Tricyclists who are members, the name of this body be changed to “The National Cyclists’ Union.” This was also supported by Messrs. G. Lacy Hillier, A.J. Wilson and Sellars. Various other titles were proposed, but Mr. Todd’s motion was carried by a large majority. 


The runs from July to October, inclusive, were as follows:- July 7th, Essendon (nine attended); 14th, Brentwood; 21st, Picnic in Epping Forest:- there is no account to be found of this outing, if it took place; 28th, Hertford. 


August – 4th, Independent runs over Bank Holiday; 11th, Ridge Hill; 18th, Epping; 25th, Upminster (seven attended). 


September – 1st, Goff’s Oak; 8th, St. Margarets; 15th, Stapleford Tawney; 22nd, Potters Bar; 29th, Lambourne End. 


October – 6th, Chigwell (four attended); 13th, circular run, tea at the George, Woodford; 20th, Abridge; 27th, Chingford. 


At a committee meeting held on the 25th June, it was resolved that a Club race meeting be held at the Alexandra Park, on Wednesday, the 18th July, with the following events:- 

A ONE-MILE HANDICAP (for members who have never won a prize). Two prizes. 

A ONE-MILE HANDICAP (open to all members). Two prizes. 


The committee arranged for the second Wednesday in September to be a programme night, at the George, Woodford. 


At the general meeting on September 5th, the prizes for the Senior and Junior handicaps, held on the 18th July, were presented as follows:- 

        Junior – First Prize, D.H. Kidd. Second, H.V. Smith. 

        Senior – First Prize, D.H. Kidd. Second. H. Scrivener. 


Closing run, October 27th, to the Forest Hotel, Chingford. This was attended by 82 members and friends, and a very successful musical evening held. The ride home had to be done in dense fog. 


November 7th, General Meeting. – Messrs. Beningfield, Bryant, Boulter and Riehmer, were elected to act as stewards at the forthcoming annual dinner, and the following invitations to be issued: A National Cyclists’ Union representative, Mr. C.E. Liles or some other representative racing man; and two representatives of the bicycling press. 


November 26th. – It was resolved to award Mr. Raybould the long-distance medal, he having ridden 180 miles in 24 hours. 


The Hon. Secretary was directed to offer the Presidency of the Club to Sir Thomas Dakin. 


The fourteenth Annual Dinner was held at the London Tavern on Saturday, December 8th, with Mr. J.W. Beningfield (Captain) in the chair. Between 80 and 90 members sat down, and a thoroughly enjoyable evening was spent. I find here the first mention of the performance of our late lamented friend, Sam Wright, also of Pruffle (E.B. Thompson); and the recitations of W.G. Churcher and H. Mann are referred to in complimentary terms. 




At the annual general meeting, held on January 28th, the following members were elected to fill the various offices for the ensuing year:- Vice-Presidents, Messrs. W.E. Maverly and J. Bryant; Captain, T.J. Boulter; Sub-Captain, H.C. Hill; Treasurer, S. Fussell; Hon. Secretary, H. Duesbury; Committee, O. Riehmer (31), G.T. Clough (28), H. Mann (24), H. Scrivener (21), and W. Gamble (21). 


At this meeting the question of the Hampton Court Meet was discussed, and the following resolution passed: “That in the opinion of this meeting, it is not advisable for the Club to attend the Hampton Court Meet should one be held this year.” After this there followed what appears to be a very curious proceeding. On the 2nd of February the committee decided to send out the usual circular to the metropolitan clubs convening a meeting to consider the question, and later Mr. Beningfield was deputed to represent the Club at the meeting, but to retire from active participation in the same, after stating the reasons for the Club’s decision not to attend another meet. The meeting was held on 14th March at the London Tavern, and was attended by Mr. Boulter, when the following resolution was passed: “That the meet be not again held.” Thus the predictions caused by last year’s proceedings were fully realized. 


A smoking concert was held at headquarters on the 4th February, under the management of Messrs. Boulter and H. Scrivener. 


On 6th February, Mr. W.E. Maverly was elected Chairman of Committee for the year. 


At the same meeting it was resolved to hold four monthly handicaps at the Alexandra Park, on the following Wednesday:- 28th May, 25th June, 30th July, and 27th August; the distance two miles. The prizes in the first three to be – First, of the value of £3; Second, value 10s.; and in the fourth, of the value of £2 and £1 respectively. 


The runs for March were:- 15th, Opening run to Forest Hotel, Chingford; 22nd, circular run to the George, Woodford (nine attended); 29th, Epping, Thatched House (eight attended). 


Opening Run – Twelve members rode to the Forest Hotel, Chingford, via Snaresbrook and Woodford. Many members and friends went by train, and 94 sat down to a well-served tea. A smoking concert followed, at which an excellent programme of music and recitations was gone through, and a thoroughly enjoyable evening spent. 


The runs for April were:- 5th, Goff’s Oak; 11th to 14th, Easter Tour; 19th, Havering-atte-Bower, Orange Tree (eleven attended); 26th, Essendon, Salisbury Crest. 


Easter Tour. – Twenty-two members and five visitors attended. The start on Good Friday morning was from Kew Bridge, through Kingston to Ripley and Guildford, where lunch was taken, then through Godalming and Hazlemere to Midhurst, where the night was passed. On Saturday the route lay through Petersfield and East Meen to Southampton for lunch at the Crown, then to Cadnam Bridge and Newton to Salisbury for the night. This being the 51st birthday of Nathaniel Pipkin, after dinner his health was proposed by the Captain and enthusiastically drank by the company, Mr. Pipkin responding in a graceful speech. On Sunday a visit was paid to Stonehenge, where an interesting description of the antiquities was obtained from the keeper. Lunch was taken at Andover, and then the ride continued through Whitchurch to Basingstoke, the party staying for the night at the Red Lion. On Monday the ride back was to Kew Station, via Virginia Water and Staines. Train taken to Dalston Junction, where the members separated, having spent a thoroughly enjoyable holiday. 


On the 21st April, Mr. Clough was appointed sole handicapper for the Club events. 


The Brixton Bicycle Club having invited the Club to send a member to compete in their Open Mile event on 10th May at the Crystal Palace, the invitation was accepted, and Mr. Mann was elected to represent the Pickwick Bicycle Club. 


The runs for May were:- 3rd, Abridge, White Hart (eight attended); 10th, Mill Hill, Adam and Eve (fourteen attended); 17th, Lambourne End (twelve attended); 24th, Ongar; 31st, Ridge Hill, for Dunstable. 


The Sub-Captain (H.C. Hill) undertook to arrange a Whitsuntide run, via Dunstable and Oxford. 


May 19th. – It was decided that a smoking concert be held at the George, Woodford, on the second Wednesday in each month, and that two committee men attend on the intermediate Wednesdays to receive any members meeting there on those evenings. Time of meeting, 8 p.m.; the first “smoker” to be on June 11th


On June 2nd, Messrs. Clough and Boulter each rode 101½ miles in the day, and on the same date Mr. W.E. Maverly rode 106 miles on a Humber tricycle. 


The runs for June were:- 7th, Chigwell, King’s Head; 14th, St. Margarets, Pied Piper (seven attended); 21st, Race Meeting, Crystal Palace; 28th and 29th, Chelmsford, Dunmow and Bishop’s Stortford. 


The race meeting fixed for the 21st duly took place, and included a One-Mile Open Handicap, with the following prizes:- 1st, a Tea Set, value £9 15s.; and , a Silver Tankard, value £4 10s.; 3rd, Dessert Spoons, value £2 2s.. Also a One-Mile Open Tricycle Handicap, with the following prizes:- 1st, a Claret Jug, value £5 10s.; and, a Sugar Basin and Sifter, value £3 3s.; 3rd, Half-pint Tankard, value 18s.. 


There is but a very brief reference in Bicycling News to this meeting, all the reporter’s energies being engaged in recording the results of the N.C.U. Championships, which took place on the same day. 


The meeting resulted in a loss to the Club of £27. 


There is no special account of the “smoker” held on June 11th


The runs for July were:- 5th, South Weald, Tower Arms; 12th, Purfleet; 19th, Harlow, the George; 26th, Goff’s Oak. 


It is stated in the Monthly Circular, dated June 25th, that the June handicap was won by A. Fisher; D.H. Kidd being second. 


On the 6th August (General Meeting), a lengthy set of rules for the regulation of long-distance rides was discussed, but the matter being too long for one evening, a special general meeting was held on the 14th August, when the discussion was continued and the rules passed. 


The runs for August were:- 2nd, Independent; 9th, Brentwood, White Hart; 16th, Ridge Hill, Waggon and Horses; 23rd, North Ockendon; 30th, Essendon, Salisbury Crest. 


On August 13th, a “smoker” was held at the George, Woodford, under the management of Mr. H. Scrivener. 


The result of the July handicap was:- J.B. Pullin, 1; A. Fisher, 2. 


The runs for September were:- 6th, Hertford; 13th, Havering-atte-Bower; 20th, Stanmore; 27th, Ongar. 


The August handicap was won by E.J. Tatum, with 600 yards start; H.W. Tatum, 400 yards, second. 


During September, Mr. G.T. Clough rode 200½ miles in 24 hours, and gained the Club gold medal; his course being Stratford to Eye and back, via Chelmsford and Ipswich, and afterwards Stratford to Loughton and back. 


The runs for October were:- 4th, Epping; 11th, circular run to the George, Woodford; 18th, closing run to Chingford. 


Fifth Headquarters. – At the general meeting on the 8th October, it was decided to leave the headquarters at the Albion, Stoke Newington, where they had been since September, 1877, and remove to the Excise Tavern, Old Broad Street, E.C.. 


At the closing meeting at the Forest Hotel, Chingford, in the absence, through illness, of the Captain, the chair was taken by Mr. W.E. Maverly; 110 members and friends sat down to tea, and a very enjoyable musical evening followed. 


In the monthly Circular, dated 31st October, the following long-distance rides are recorded:- 3rd and 4th, J.W. Raybould, 177 miles; 5th, H.W. Tatum, 186 miles; 4th and 5th, W.J. Hunter, 182½ miles. 


At the committee meeting on 17th November, it was reported that the Sub-Captain, H.C. Hill, had won the attendance at runs prize, with 58 points; J. Atto being second. 


At this meeting a very useful rule was passed, viz., that any member not attending committee should pay a fine of one shilling; and any member leaving before 8 o’clock, unless the business was concluded, should pay a similar fine, the proceeds to be expended on a committee supper at the end of each season. 


The fifteenth Annual Dinner was held at the London Tavern on the 6th December, and was attended by about 100 members and friends, among whom were many distinguished visitors of the Club. The Captain, Mr. T.J. Boulter, occupied the chair, and the gathering was an unqualified success. There is a very full account of the proceedings in Bicycling News of the 12th December. The writer may perhaps be pardoned for here recording the fact that this was his first Pickwick Bicycle Club dinner, as the guest of Pruffle; he joined the Club at the next general meeting, and has not missed the Club Dinner once since.  




At the annual general meeting held on the 19th January, the following members were elected to fill the various offices for the ensuing year:- Vice-Presidents, Messrs. Maverly and Bryant; Captain, Mr. T.J.Boulter; Sub-Captain, Mr. H.C. Hill; Treasurer, Mr. S.Fussell; Hon. Secretary, Mr. H. Duesbury. Committee: Messrs. G.T. Clough, 43; H. Scrivener, 37; O. Riehmer, 36; W.J. Hunter, 31; W.C. Docking, 23. 


Messrs. Maverly, Beningfield and Gamble were elected delegates to represent the Club at the National Cyclists’ Union. 


The resignation of Mr. W.G. Churcher was accepted with much regret. 


Owing to the great loss to the Club on the last race meeting at the Crystal Palace, it was now decided that “the time has arrived when to discontinue the annual race meeting would not affect the prestige or position of the Club” 


On January 21st, a smoking concert was held at Masons’ Hall Tavern, under the management of Captain T.J. Boulter and W. Gamble. 


On January 26th, Mr Maverly was elected Chairman of Committee for the year. 


Messrs. Clough, Raybould, H.W. Tatum, Fussell and Beningfield were elected a committee to revise the rules of the Club. 


On January 29th, it was decided to hold three monthly handicaps during the season, at the Alexandra Park: on May 20th, June 17th, and July 15th; one condition, that no machine ridden shall weigh less than 40lbs. The meetings to be under the management of Messrs. Fussell and Duesbury. 


The opening run took place on March 21st, to the Forest Hotel, Chingford, and was a great success. About one hundred and ten members and friends sat down to tea, after which there was an excellent musical programme gone through, which was much enjoyed by all. The Club invitations included Messrs. Leslie, of the London Scottish B.C.; Tomkins, Surrey B.C.; and Woodin, of the Rovers B.C.; also Messrs. Griffin and Lacy Hillier, and representatives of The Referee and the Field


The runs for April were:- 

Easter Tour – Good Friday, 4th April. Train taken to Kew Station, arriving there 9.47, then to Richmond, Kingston and Dorking to Horsham, for lunch at the King’s Head, 33½ miles. After, via Southwater, West Grinstead, &c., to Littlehampton; dinner and bed at the Terminus Hotel – 56 miles for the day. 


Sarurday, 5th. From Littlehampton to Bognor, Chichester and Havant, 21 miles. Lunch at the Dolphin, thence to Cosham, Porchester, Fareham, &c., to Southampton – 42 miles for the day. Dine and sleep at the Crown. 


Sunday, 6th. From Southampton to Millbridge, Lyndhurst and Cadnam Bridge to Romsey, 17½ miles. Lunch at White Horse, then to Amfield and Pitt Pond to Winchester, 28¼ miles for the day. Dine and sleep at Black Swan. 


Easter Monday, 7th. From Winchester to King’s Worthy, Basingstoke, &c., to Blackwater, 32½ miles. Lunch at the White Hart, thence to Bagshot, Staines and Hounslow to Kew, where train was taken to Dalston Junction. 


I have no account of how this tour was carried out, but, given fine weather, it should have been a most enjoyable holiday, from the route taken. 


April 11th, Goff’s Oak; 18th, Epping; 25th, Mill Hill. 


The runs for May:- 2nd, Abridge; 9th, Havering-atte-Bower; 16th, Shenley; 23rd, Whitsun Tour; 30th, Brentwood. 


The Whitsun Tour, arranged in conjunction with the Surrey Bicycle Club, was as follows:- 23rd May, meet the Surrey Bicycle Club at Greyhound, Croydon, at 4 p.m., and ride to Brighton; 24th, Brighton to Portsmouth; 25th, Portsmouth to Kew. 


The first Smoker, at the George, Woodford, was held on the 13th May. 


The May monthly handicap, postponed from the 20th to 27th on account of wet weather, was won by Mr. H.C. Hill (Sub-Captain), Mr. H.V. Smith being second. 


At the general meeting on 3rd June, Sir W.T. Charley was elected President of the Club. 


On the 10th June a Smoker was held at the George, Woodford, under the management of Messrs. Clough and W.J. Hunter. 


The runs for June were:- 6th, St. Margarets; 13th, Ongar; 20th, Essendon; 27th, Ridge Hill. 


The monthly handicap, on 17th June, was won by Mr. W.J. Hunter; Mr. H.C. Hill (Sub-Captain) second. 


There was a Smoker at the George, Woodford, on 8th July. 


The runs for July were: 4th, Brentwood; 11th, Purfleet; 18th, Langdon Hill; 25th, Hertford. 


On the 9th July, the Club Championship was raced for at the Crystal Palace, being won by F.J. Nicolas; H. Mann and W.J. Hunter obtaining time medals. The committee had further arranged for an Open One-Mile Handicap, which was won by M.J.V. Webber, who therein beat the one-mile record, his time being 2 m. 39¾ s., the previous best being 2 m. 41¼ s. The Club awarded Mr. Webber the gold medal for this performance. Mr G. Lacy Hillier acted as judge at the above meeting. 


The monthly handicap, on the 26th August, was won by W.J. Hunter; H.W. Tatum second. 


During the month of September the following twenty-four hours rides were performed:- H.C. Hill, 222 miles (gold medal); H.W. Tatum, 217 miles (silver medal); W.J. Hunter, 120½ miles; C.H. Cole, 207 miles (facile bicycle). 


The runs for October were:-3rd, Lambourne End; 10th, Epping; 17th, Waltham Cross; 24th, Abridge; 31st (closing run), Chingford. 


There was a Club walk on Saturday, November 7th, starting from the Eagle, Snaresbrook, at 3.30; eleven attended. 


There was also another walk in November, which fourteen members attended. 


Sixth Headquarters. – On December 1st, the headquarters were removed from the Excise Tavern to the Orion Gymnasium, Casterton Street, Hackney. 


The sixteenth Annual Dinner was held at the London Tavern on December 5th, under the presidency of Sir William Charley, ninety members and friends sat down, and a thoroughly enjoyable evening was spent. During the proceedings, the Championship Cup was presented to Mr. Nicolas, and time medals to Messrs. H. Mann and W.J. Hunter; the gold medal was presented to Mr. M.J.V. Webber, for breaking the one-mile record at the Club’s race meeting in July. 


A Club walk took place on Boxing Day under the leadership of Mr. W.E. Maverly, starting from the Eagle, Snaresbrook, at 11 a.m., lunch at the Tower Arms, South Weald, tea at the King’s Head, Chigwell. 



At the general meeting held on January 13th, the following members were elected to fill the various offices for the ensuing season:- President, Sir William Charley, Q.C.; Vice-Presidents, Messrs. W.E. Maverly and J. Bryant; Captain, Mr. T.J. Boulter; Sub-Captain, Mr. H. Mann; Treasurer, Mr. Shirley Fussell; Hon. Secretary, Mr. H. Duesbury; Committee, Messrs. G.T. Clough (24), W.E. Blake (22), C.H. Cole (20), H.W. Tatum (18), and H.L. Clarke (16). 


On the 30th January, a Club walk took place from Hendon, under the leadership of the Hon. Secretary, Mr. H. Duesbury. 


On the 6th February, a Cinderella Dance was held at the Manor Rooms, Hackney, and was much enjoyed by a numerous company. 


On the 8th March, a Smoker was held at headquarters under the management of the Sub-Captain, Mr. H. Mann. 


The opening run to the Forest Hotel, Chingford, took place on the 20th March; eighty members and friends attended, and it was a very successful gathering. 


Easter Tour, 23rd to 26th April:- Twenty-one members and friends attended and had a most enjoyable outing. The start on Good Friday morning was from the Eagle, Snaresbrook to Tilbury, where the river was ferried over to Gravesend, thence via Cobham Park to the Leather Bottle, at Cobham (the proprietor of which for many years past has been our old member A.J. Smith (Horatio Fitzkin, Esq.), where lunch was taken; then passing through Snodland, Aylesford, Berstead and Lenham, the night was passed at the Swan, at Charing. On Saturday the route lay through Pluckley, Tenterden, &c., and lunch was taken at the Swan at Appledore, then via Rye, Winchelsea and Guistling to Hastings, where dinner and bed were found at the Pier Hotel. On Sunday to Hurst Green for lunch at the George, then through Ticehurst, Wadhurst and Frant to Tunbridge Wells for the night. On Easter Monday by Tonbridge to Sevenoaks for lunch, then to Riverhead, Orpington, St. Mary’s Cray, &c., to Eltham, where tea was taken at the Greyhound, after which the river was re-crossed to Woolwich, and the return made to the Eagle, Snaresbrook, where the tour terminated. It is worthy of note that, for this occasion, a most interesting descriptive tour card was issued, which reflects great credit on the Captain and Sub-Captain, and should have been worth carefully preserving by all those who took part in the tour. 


The runs for May were:- 1st, Mill Hill; 8th, Havering-atte-Bower; 15th, Barnet – an inter-club run with the London Scottish and Rovers; 22nd, Alexandra Park (Cycling Tournament); 29th, Ongar; sleep at Rayleigh, and ride on to Southend next day. 


It was decided not to hold an open race meeting this year.  


The runs for June were:- 5th, Shenley; 12th, Whitsun Tour with Surrey Bicycle Club; 19th, St. Margarets; 26th, Road Competition, Barnet to Dunstable. 


The course for the above race was about 20 miles, and there were four prizes: the first, value £2; second, value £1; third, 10 s.; and a special prize, value one guinea, for the rider making fastest time: The race to be under the management of Messrs. Fussell and Duesbury. There were 23 entries, J.H. Pullin being scratch man, and Raymond Clarke limit with 40 minutes allowance. The result was as follows:-  

        T.J. Boulter,        15 m.        start 1               net time,    1 h. 36 m. 45 s. 

A.J. Smith           22 m.        start 2               net time,    1 h. 44 m. 20 s. 

H. Kirkham          19 m.        start 3               net time,    1 h. 41 m. 37 s. 

W.J. Hunter           1 m. start, took the fastest time prize with 1 h. 34 m. 3 s. 


Twenty-nine members sat down to dinner at Dunstable, and a regular Pickwickian evening was spent. The next day most of the riding members returned to town via, St. Margarets, dining at the Pied Bull on the way. 


At the beginning of July, Mr. J.R. Hudston rode 144 miles in 24 hours on a tricycle, qualifying for the Club’s bronze medal. 


A tour, arranged to start on Saturday, 31st July, and extend over the August Bank Holiday, had for its route; Starting from the Eagle, Snaresbrook, at 3.30 p.m., to North Woolwich, and ferry across the river, and then ride via Eltham, Chislehurst and Keston, to Westerham. On Sunday, via Godstone and Redhill to Dorking, for lunch; then by Gomshall and Albury to Guildford. On Monday, ride home from Guildford. 


The runs for August were:- 7th, Essenden; 14th, Brighton (Inter-club run with Surrey Bicycle Club); 21st, Harlow; 28th, St. Margarets. 


In August, the Captain (Mr. Boulter) rode 188½ miles in 24 hours. 


The runs for September were:- 4th, Stanmore; 11th, Havering-atte-Bower; 18th, Goff’s Oak; 25th, Ridge Hill. 


For October:- 2nd, Cheshunt; 9th, Abridge; 16th, Chigwell; 23rd, Chingford (closing run). 


An Italian tour, arranged for September 4th to 26th, had to be abandoned owing to the prevalence of cholera in the country. In place of this, however, the Captain organized a tour in France, through Brittany to the Loire, from 28th August to 12th September. 


During the month of September, W.J. Hunter rode 213, and A.J. Smith 187 miles in 24 hours, but owing to breach of the compulsory rules governing the 24 hours’ competition, the checking committee found themselves obliged to reject the claims. This unfortunately gave rise to some very stormy scenes at one or two subsequent meetings, and resulted in the resignation of five members; in course of the next two or three years, however, three of these returned to the fold, wiser if not better men. 


The race for the 25-Mile Championship was held at the Alexandra Park, on the 2nd September, when Mr. Mann passed the post alone; Messrs. Nicolas and W.J. Hunter having collided earlier in the race. Mr. Mann’s time was 1 h.49 m., so he was not qualified for the gold medal, though the committee had extended the time limit from 1 h. 30 m. to 1 h. 38 m. owing to the heavy state of the track. 


The closing run to the Forest Hotel, Chingford, was a very successful affair, over 120 members and friends attending the meeting. 


Club walks for November were as follows:- 13th, from Cobham, under the leadership of Mr. H.L. Clarke (six attended); and for the 27th, from Snaresbrook to Chigwell conducted by the Captain. 


A smoking concert was held at the club-room on November 22nd


The walks for December were:- 18th, from Hendon conducted by Mr. Duesbury; and on Boxing Day, from Snaresbrook, by Messrs. Boulter and Clough. 


At the general meeting on December 1st, Mr. Boulter was awarded the silver medal of the Club for riding 187½ miles in 24 hours, and Mr. C.E. Doyle, 163½ miles. 


The seventeenth Annual Dinner was held on the 2nd December, at the London Tavern; there is no printed account of this, but it is within the recollection of the writer that it was as successful as the Club dinner always is. 


A very successful Cinderella Dance was held at the Manor Rooms, Hackney, on the 18th December. The dance committee consisted of Messrs. H.L. Clarke (secretary), Maverly, Hollands, Amadori, and Kidd.    




January 26th, Annual General Meeting. – The following gentlemen were elected to fill the various offices for the ensuing year:- President, Sir W.T. Charley, Q.C.; Vice-Presidents, W.E. Maverly, J. Bryant, T.J. Boulter; Sub-Captain, H. Mann; Treasurer, Shirley Fussell; Hon. Secretary, H. Duesbury; Committee: W.E. Blake (27), C.H. Cole (25), H.L. Clarke (24), R. Clarke (22), H.W. Tatum (15).


Mr. G.T. Clough (Ben Allen) retired from the committee after a continuous service on the same of ten years, and a special vote of thanks was passed to him for his services. 


January 29th. – A Club Cinderella Dance was held at Bromley Vestry Hall on this date, and was pronounced by all present to be an eminent success. 



February 9th. – At the general meeting on 9th February, it was resolved not to hold an open race meeting this year. 



It was announced at the same meeting that Mr. Charles Dickens, eldest son of the great novelist, had consented to become an honorary member of the Club. 



The runs for March were:- 12th, opening run to Chingford; 19th, Waltham Cross; 26th, Epping. 


About ninety members and friends attended the opening meeting at the Forest Hotel, and had a very successful evening. 



In the early part of the year, Mr. H. Sturmy, the well-known cycle manufacturer, organized a fund for the purpose of presenting the National Lifeboat Institution with a “Cyclists’ Jubilee Lifeboat,” and in the month of March the Club sent a contribution of £20 7s. 6d. towards the same, having been collecting among members and their friends. 



The runs for April were:- 8th to 11th, Easter Tour; 16th, Lambourne End; 23rd, Mill Hill; 30th, Havering-atte-Bower. 



Easter Tour.- The Captain was unable to attend the tour, having unfortunately sprained his ankle, so Mr. Dodson (H. Mann, Sub-Captain) acted as captain, with the Hon. Mr. Crushton as “sub”. The start was from Kew on Good Friday morning, through Staines and Virginia Water to Blackwater for lunch; then by Basingstoke and Whitchurch to Andover, 57½ miles, for dinner and sleep. On Saturday, via Stockbridge to Romsey for lunch; and on by Lyndhurst to Lymington (36½ miles), where the night was passed. On Sunday to Brockenhurst and Millbrook to Southampton for lunch, then by Bishop’s Waltham and Farrington to Alton (44½ miles) for the night. Returning on Easter Monday by Bentley Green and Farnham to Guildford for lunch, then through Ripley and Esher to Kingston and Richmond (39½ miles), where train was taken for Dalston, where the party separated. This was the only Easter tour ever joined by the writer, and is vividly impressed on his memory as one of the most pleasant outings that could possibly be; the weather was splendid, and so warm that in passing through the New Forest we dismounted from our machines and lay down on the grass for some time. One thing never to be forgotten was the lovely floral Eastern decorations in Lyndhurst Church, being prepared by Lady Londesborough and friends. About twenty members and friends took part in the tour, and all were delighted with the same.



The runs for May were:- 7th, Road Competition, Watford to Tring; 14th, Barnet, inter-club run with London Scottish, Rovers and Dartmouth Park clubs (12 Pickwicks attended); 21st, Harlow; 28th, Whitsun Tour (1st day Horsham, 2nd Chichester, 3rd London, via Ripley). 


On May 7th the Road Competition, as above notified, took place, and proved a most successful and interesting affair. Owing to recent rains the roads were heavy, which made riding times not so fast as they might have been. The prizes were: first, value £2; second, £1; third, 10s.; and a special prize, value one guinea, for fastest time. The course was 15½ miles in length, and the result as follows:  

          1, C.E. Doyle, 7 m. start, net time 1 h. 7 m.;

    2, H. Kirkham, 4 m. start, net time 1 h. 7 m. 30 s.;

    3, J.H. Pullin, scr., time 1 h. 8 m..


    All which times reflect much credit on the handicapping; there were six other competitors. Twenty-two members put in an appearance at Tring and enjoyed a very convivial evening. The next day the party returned to Watford, and, after dining together, took various ways back to town, all well pleased with the outing. 


The runs for June were:- 4th, Ongar; 11th, Shenley; 18th, St. Margarets; 25th, Alexandra Park (Jubilee Tournament). 


During this month Messrs. Boulter and H.L. Clarke made a tandem tour in Italy. 


The runs for July were:- 2nd, Lambourne End; 9th, Hatfield; 16th, Brentwood; 23rd, Hertford; 30th, Bank Holiday tour to Sittingbourne and Margate. (There is no account of this tour.) 


The Club championship (25 miles) was raced for on the 28th July, at the Alexandra Park, the result being:- 1, H. Mann, 1 h. 24 m. 2¼ s., gold medal; 2, J.H. Pullin, 1 h. 24 m. 4 s., silver medal; 3, H. Kirkham, 1 h. 29 m. 28 s., silver medal. Also started, Messrs. C.E. Doyle, A.J. Smith, and D.H. Kidd. The first two of these obtained silver medals. Mr. Kidd retired during the race. 


The runs for August were:- 6th, North Ockenden; 13th, Ongar; 20th, Ridge Hill; 27th, Harlow Bush. 


For September:- 3rd, Long Distance Competition; 10th, Goff’s Oak; 17th, St. Margarets; 24th, Road Handicap. 


September 3rd. – The twenty-four hours road ride, from Hitchin to Holbeach and back, obtained six entries, viz.: Messrs. A.J. Smith, H. Kirkham, C.E. Doyle, T.J. Boulter, J.R. Hudston, and J.W. Raybould, three only of whom started viz.: Messrs. Smith, Kirkham and Doyle. Messrs. Kirkham and Doyle retired at Wisbech, and Mr. Smith alone completed the ride, placing 207 miles to his credit. The checking at various points on the road was performed by Messrs. Hollands, H.L. Clarke, Fussell, Bryant and Maverly. 


September 24th. – On this date the road competition from Abridge to Chelmsford (19 miles) took place, the prizes being of the same values as for the handicap in May. The result was – 1, A.J. Smith, 8 m. start, net time 1 h. 11 m. 2 s.; 2, H. Kirkham, 7 m. start, net time 1 h. 14 m. 2 s.; 3, C.E. Doyle, 9 m. start, net time 1 h. 14 m. 30 s.. Also started, Messrs. H.V. Smith and Pullin (tandem), T.J. Boulter, T.A. Venimore, H. Mann, and H.W. Tatum. Twenty-three sat down to dinner at Chelmsford, and a very pleasant evening was spent, members returning to town next day by various routes. 


The runs for October were:- 1st, Nasing; 8th, Abridge; 15th, Lambourne End; 22nd, closing run, Chingford. 


The arrangements for the closing run were in the hands of the Captain and Sub-Captain, and eighty-five members and friends attended and had an excellent evening. Special mention is made in the Monthly Circular of Brother Tadger’s programme covers. 


There was a Club walk on Saturday, 19th November, under the leadership of Mr. Shirley Fussell. The start was from the Eagle, Snaresbrook, at 4 p.m. Tea was taken at the King’s Head, Chigwell. 


There was a smoking concert at headquarters on 21st November. 


December 3rd. – The eighteenth Annual Dinner took place at the London Tavern, eighty members and friends sitting down. It was a most successful affair. 





January 23rd.- The annual election of officers resulted as follows:- President, Sir W.T. Charley, Q.C.; Vice-Presidents, W.E. Maverly, J. Bryant; Captain, T.J. Boulter; Sub-Captain, H. Mann; Treasurer, Shirley Fussell; Hon. Secretary, H. Duesbury; Committee: W.E. Blake (21), J. Atto (17), H.W. Tatum (16), H.L. Clarke (15).  


At this meeting it was decided to confer on Mr. Otto Riehmer (Brother Tadger) the honorary membership of the Club, to be presented to him on an Illuminated Vellum, “in recognition of his artistic and other services to the Club.” We afterwards find that “it was intended to present this at the opening run meeting at Chingford, but owing to unforeseen circumstances Brother Tadger was not present.” It was, however, presented at the club-room on a later occasion. 


January 30th. – Mr. W.G. Churcher’s entertainment at headquarters, “Sketches from the Pickwick Papers,” followed by the recitation of “The Pet Lion.” Some music and singing concluded a jolly evening. 


February 3rd. – Joint Dance with Rovers Cycling Club at Bromley Vestry Hall (no account). 


February 18th. – Club walk under the leadership of the Captain. Train to St. Margarets and walk to Ware, thence to Mr. J.W. Beningfield’s house, “Cranborne,” Stanstead. Twenty-one members attended and had a capital outing. 


February 27th. – Messrs. B.J. and A.C. Edwards gave a most interesting Lantern Exhibition at headquarters of views taken by themselves in New Zealand. 


It is announced in the Circular dated 29th February, that our member, Mr. A.J. Smith (Horatio Fizkin), had become host of the Leather Bottle, at Cobham, a position he holds, I believe, at the present time (January, 1904). 


March 24th. – The opening run to the Forest Hotel, Chingford, on this date, was very successful, about ninety members and friends attending. 


Easter Tour. – The tour this year was very different from last, the weather being, as described in the Circular, “vile.” However, the Captain, Sub-Captain and a dozen others braved the elements, and carried through the run. 


The first day’s ride (Good Friday) was the same as last year – Staines, Blackwater and Basingstoke to Andover. Second day, lunch at Amesbury, dine and sleep at Marlborough. Third day (Sunday), lunch at Newbury, dine and sleep at Reading. On Monday, lunch at Slough, and on to Kew for train back to Dalston. I rode down to meet “the boys” at lunch, and well I remember the rough head wind I encountered going down, and how during lunch time, and a little delay after, it turned right round, so poor Crushton got it both ways. With every desire to make the best of things, it could not be said that the tour was “thoroughly enjoyable”; indeed, I note in the Circular, the comparison was made with Mark Tapley, in the fortitude with which the tourists bore up against the climatic conditions. 


The runs for April were:- 7th, Epping; 14th, Cheshunt; 21st, Lambourne End; 28th, Mill Hill. 


For May:- 5th, Harlow; 12th, Barnet; 19th, Independent; 26th, Goff’s Oak. 


May 5th.- Road Handicap, Watford to Tring. First prize, value £2; second, £1; third, 10s., and a special prize, value £1 1s., for the fastest time. The result was:- 1, C.E. Doyle, tricycle, 7 mins. Start, net time 1 hr. 45 secs.; 2, H.A. Jacobs, ordinary bicycle.15 mins. Start, net time 1 hr. 3 mins.; 3, H. Kirkham, safety, 7 mins. Start, net time 1 hr. 7 mins. 6 secs.. Also rode, in the following order:- 4, H.V. Smith and J.H. Pullin, tandem; 5, F.J. Field, ordinary bicycle; 6, H.L. Clarke, safety; 7, J. Bryant, ordinary bicycle. C.E. Doyle took both the first and fastest time prizes. 


May 12th.- Inter-club run with the London Scottish, Rovers, and Dartmouth Park Clubs, to the Old Salisbury, Barnet. 


May 18th to 23rd, Whitsun Tour.- Eight members and two friends attended the Captain’s Tour in France. They were received on landing at Dieppe by M. Etienne Girand, of the “Cercle de la Pedale”, a Paris club, other members of that club joining the party afterwards. The places passed through on the tour were Rouen, Beauvals, Amiens, and thence back to Dieppe. “The distance ridden was 140 miles, the roads perfection, hotels comfortable, expenses moderate – the tour passed off without mishap, and was an unqualified success.” 

Those who accompanied the Captain were Messrs. C.E. Doyle, J. Pennell, H.L. Clarke, J. Atto, H. Kirkham, Shirley Fussell, E. Hollands, C.T. Scrivener, and G.T. Clough. There is a very nice account of this tour in The Graphic, of September 15th, written by our former member, Mr. Pott (Jo. Pennell). 


The runs for June were:- 2nd, Upminster; 9th, Essenden; 16th, Ridge Hill; 23rd, Ongar; 30th, St. Margarets. 


For July:- 7th, Hatfield; 14th, Newhaven to Croydon, with the “Cercle de la Pedale”; 21st, Brentwood; 28th, Shenley. 


July 26th.- Club Championship (25 miles scratch), at the Crystal Palace. On this occasion no one was found forthcoming to oppose Mr. Dodson (Mr. H. Mann), who had already won this event twice in succession, so he had a “walk over” for it. His performance, however, was remarkably good. The time limit fixed by the Club was 1 h. 30 m. and the rider covered the distance in 1 h. 21 m. 15 s., and thus became the absolute owner of the handsome cup, which had been competed for on ten previous occasions. 



During the month of July, C.E. Doyle rode 202 miles 6 furlongs in 24 hours, on a “Quadrant” Tricycle weighing 60 lbs. In view of the light machines of the present day, this was a fine performance. 


The runs for August were:- 11th, Hertford; 18th, Ongar; 25th, Ridge Hill. 


September:- 1st, Havering-atte-Bower; 8th, Cheshunt; 15th, Harlow; 22nd, Road Handicap; 29th, Lambourne End. 


ROAD HANDICAP – Abridge to Chelmsford (19 miles) – took place in splendid weather, the competition finishing as under. 

        1.- H. Kirkham            6 m. start   net time 1 h. 10 m. 

        2.- T.J. Boulter            scratch      net time 1 h. 15 m. 

        3.- H.L. Clarke            12 m. start net time 1 h. 20 m. 30 s. 

        4.- J.H. Pullin              scratch      net time 1 h. 31 m. 

        5.- R. Clarke               scratch      (Time not taken). 

Mr. Boulter, therefore, won the fastest time prize. 

Prizes of the same value as last handicap. 

The party put up at the George Hotel, Chelmsford, for the night, and had a smoking concert and jolly evening. There were sixteen present. The ride back to Town, next day, was via Much Hadham, where dinner was taken. 


The runs for October were:- 6th, National Cyclists’ Union Race Meeting, at Kennington Oval; 13th, Closing run, to Forest Hotel, Chingford. This event took place in due course, and was most successful. A fine musical programme was provided, and nearly one hundred members and friends were present. 


During September, Mr. Boulter rode 218¾ miles in 24 hours, and obtained the gold medal of the Club for the performance. 


During October, the following 24-hour rides were accomplished:- J/R. Hudston (tricycle), 198 m. 2 f.; A.E. Hunt (52-inch ordinary), 183 m. 4 f.; F.J. Field (54-inch ordinary), 181 m. 4 f.. 


November 17th.- A Club walk took place, under the leadership of Mr. Nockemorf (H.L. Clarke), from Gravesend to the Leather Bottle, Cobham. The weather was fine, and the walk most enjoyable. Fourteen members and friends attended this outing, and were well entertained by host Horatio Fiskin, Esq., and, having spent a capital musical evening, the party returned to Town at 10.15. In addition to Mr. Nockemorf, the success of the evening was largely contributed to by Mr. Jingle and Shiny Villiam, the latter having charge of the ivory department. 


It is on record that in this month (November), Mr. J.W. Raybould (Serjeant Snubbin) succeeded in obtaining £10 16s. 6d. damages and costs (two shillings had been paid into Court) from a cycle agent, who had let him a defective machine on hire. This was mentioned in the Monthly Circular, as an encouragement to those who might be “put upon” in any similar way, to stand up for their rights. 


December 8th.- The nineteenth Annual Dinner was held on this date, at the London Tavern, and was in all respects a very gratifying function – between sixty and seventy members and friends attended. It was announced at this meeting that prizes would be presented by the President (Sir W.T. Charley), and Messrs. J.W. Beningfield and W.C. Docking, for competition among the members. 



January 28th, Annual General Meeting.- The following gentlemen were elected to fill the various offices for the ensuing year:-

President, Sir W.T. Charley; Vice-Presidents, W.E. Maverly and J. Bryant; Captain, T.J. Boulter; Sub-Captain, Raymond Clarke; Hon. Treasurer, Shirley Fussell; Hon. Secretary, H. Duesbury; Committee, W.E. Blake, F.J. Field,W.E. Maverly, H.W. Tatum, W.T. Turner, Messrs. Beningfield and Maverly were elected Trustees of the Reserve Fund.


February 4th.- At the adjourned annual general meeting on this date, a considerable revision of the rules took place, mainly referring to road competitions.


February 14th,.- Club walk under the leadership of the Captain. Train to Rye House, and after calling at Mr. Beningfield’s “Cranborne”, a brisk walk was taken via Ware and Hertford, and back by Gallow’s Hill, about thirteen miles. The party returned to “Cranborne,” and were most hospitably entertained by Mr. Beningfield and family, and spent a very enjoyable evening, returning to town by the 10 p.m. train.

March 4th.- At the general meeting on this date, an announcement was made by Mr. Duesbury that, owing to business arrangements, he felt obliged to retire from the post of Hon. Secretary. After several members had expressed their views on the admirable manner in which Mr. Duesbury had carried out the duties of the office, it was proposed and seconded, “That the resignation be accepted with much regret,” which was carried accordingly.


Mr. W.E. Blake was then elected Hon. Secretary, Mr. Duesbury being elected to the vacancy on the committee caused by Mr. Blake’s appointment.


March 9th.- A Club walk from the Eagle, Snaresbrook, to the King’s Head, Chigwell, the Captain in charge. Eleven members attended, and had a good time.


March23rd.- Opening Run.- This meeting, as on former occasions, was a marked success, nearly 100 members and friends attending. In the course of the proceedings, a presentation was made to Mr. Duesbury, of an Illuminated Vellum, in recognition of his valuable services to the Club as Hon. Secretary for five years. The presentation was made by the Captain, and suitably acknowledged by Mr. Jingle.


April 1st, General Meeting.- It was now decided to establish country headquarters for the Club; and the Red Lion, Much Hadnam, five miles from Bishop’s Stortford, was selected, and many pleasant gatherings were subsequently held among its rural surroundings.

At this meeting also it was decided that there should be no Club championship race this year; in fact, time had proved that, with the capture of the cup by Mr. Dodson, the 25-mile championship died a natural death.

A letter was read (April 1st) from Sir W.T. Charley, resigning his office as president of the Club, without assigning any reason for so doing. The resignation was accepted with regret.


The runs for April were:- 6th, Havering-atte-Bower; 13th, Goff’s Oak; 20th, Easter Tour; 27th, Mill Hill.

On the 15th April, Frank Simmery (Mr. A.C. Edwards) gave a very interesting lantern entertainment at headquarters, the display being agreeably varied by intervals for songs and music. A cordial vote of thanks was given Mr. Edwards at the conclusion.


April 19th to 22nd, Easter Tour.- The tour this year was quite a change from the last two. On Good Friday morning a start was made from Chingford, and lunch was taken at Buntingford (26 miles); then by Royston, Harlston, &c., to Cambridge (45½ miles); where “dine and sleep.” Saturday, lunch at St. Neots (17½ miles); then by Eaton Socon, Bedford, &c., to Newport Pagnell, for the night, at the Swan. Sunday, Stony Stratford and Buckingham to Bicester (25½  miles) for lunch, and then to Oxford (39 miles) for the night. Easter Monday, lunch at Aylesbury, the Crown; then by Tring, St. Albans and Barnet, to Wood Green, where the party dispersed for home. Twenty members and three visitors attended, and had a very good time, though there was too much heavy wind and some rain.

The runs for May were:- 4th, Barnett (Inter-Club run); 11th, Road Competition, Watford to Tring; 18th, Harlow.

May 6th, General Meeting.- A letter was read from Sir William Charley offering a prize of a Silver Cup, value £10, in pursuance of his promise made at the last annual dinner. This was accepted at a subsequent meeting, and the “Charley Challenge Cup” was thus established, the contests for which will be duly recorded in this chronicle.


Some time previous to this, there had been correspondence in the Cycling Press with regard to the seniority of our Club, the Edinburgh Amateur Bicycle Club claiming to be the oldest club. The Pickwick Bicycle Club had offered to submit the matter to the arbitration of the N.C.U., but the Edinburgh Amateur Bicycle Club declined the offer, whereupon the Pickwick Bicycle Club submitted the proofs of their age and continuous existence since June, 1870, and in reply received a letter from the N.C.U., of which the following is a copy:-

May 1st, 1899
“The Executive, having examined the evidence before them, are of the opinion that the Pickwick Bicycle Club was established on 22nd June, 1870, and that it has been in continuous existence since that time, and further, that no other club has established any claim to priority.

Assistant Secretary.”


This letter was read at the general meeting on May 6th, and was afterwards published in all the Cycling papers, and commented on in a manner quite favourable to our Club’s views; but in spite of that, the matter bubbles up now and then at long intervals by reference of some “canny Scot” thereto, showing that it still rankles; but the Pickwick Bicycle Club have never thought it worth while to pay any further attention to these small writhings.

May 11th:-ROAD HANDICAP, Watford to Tring (15 miles). The afternoon turned out a regular “soaker”, and only three out of eleven entrants started. The result was:-
 1.- F.J. Field         3 mins. start         net time 1 h. 9 m. 0 s.
 2.- T.J. Boulter       scratch               net time 1 h. 21 m. 30 s.
 3.- A.E. Hunt     time not taken


Messrs. G.M. Wood and J.F. Burge rode the whole way from Town and arrived in a moist state. The company at the Rose and Crown numbered eight, and a pleasant evening was spent. (And they deserved it! – Crushton).


Mr. Serjeant Snubbin, it would seem, had been on the warpath again, this time obtaining compensation from the Great Northern Railway for damage done to his bicycle. He had signed his bicycle ticket “at owner’s risk”, “under protest.”


The runs for June were:- 1st, Waltham Cross, on to Much Hadham for the night; 15th, Upminster; 20th, St. Margarets, and on to Much Hadham for the night.


For July:- 13th, Upminster; 20th and 27th, N.C.U. Championships at Paddington Grounds, Edgeware Road.


For August:- 10th, Essendon; 17th, Ongar; 24th, Hertford and on to Much Hadnam for the night; 31st, Shenley.


For September:- 7th, Road Handicap; 14th, Goff’s Oak; 21st, Road Handicap; 28th, Ridge Hill.

At the general meeting on 2nd September, it was decided that the race for the “Charley Challenge Cup” should be a 50-Mile Road Handicap, with a limit start, the Cup to be won twice in succession, or three times in all.


September 7th.- NOVICE’S ROAD HANDICAP (for those members who had never won a Club prize). First prize, value £2 2s., presented by Mr. J.W. Beningfield; second, value £1 1s., and third, value 15s.; but no third prize if less than six starters. Watford to Tring (fifteen miles). There were fifteen entries and seven starters. Result:-
 1.- J. Atto  4½ m. start         net time, 59 m. 30 s.
 2.- H. Duesbury 14 m. start   net time 59 m. 46 s.
 3.- T.H. Coombs 2 m. start    net time 1 h. 1 m. 45 s.

On the same day, Messrs. A.J. Smith and F.J. Field covered a distance of 240 miles on the Great North Road.


September 21st.- On this date there was a handicap ride from Abridge to Chelmsford, a distance of 19 miles. The first prize given by Mr. W.C. Docking (Bill Stumps). Three prizes and fastest time prize. Result:-
 1.- F.J. Field scratch     net time 1 h. 5 m. 0 s.
   Also fastest time prize winner.
 2.- J. Atto  3 m. start   net time 1 h. 7 m. 10 s.
 3.- H. Kirkham scratch  net time 1 h. 12 m. 20 s.


The runs for October were:- 5th, Snaresbrook to Abridge; 12th, closing run, Chingford.

On the 7th October is recorded the return to the fold of Mr. K.M. Yeoman, a founder, and first Captain of the Club. The cause of his retirement, twelve years back, is given at an earlier period in these notes; and it must be a matter of congratulation to all those who did not know Lieutenant Tappleton before, that they should have become acquainted with so good a fellow since his return; a Past President, and present Treasurer of the Club, he commands the respect of all.


October 12th, Closing Run, Chingford.- This event passed off in the usual successful manner; about ninety members and friends attended, and thoroughly enjoyed the excellent musical programme provided.


November 4th, General Meeting:- A very important piece of business was effected at this meeting, to wit, the election of another President. The committee, after mature consideration, had deemed it desirable to make a departure from former custom, and to nominate a member of the Club for the post; and bearing in mind the long and honourable connection Mr. W.E. Maverly had had with the Club from its foundation, they considered him a fit and proper person to occupy the position. It was then moved by Mr. J.W. Raybould (Mr. Serjeant Snubbin), and seconded by Mr. H.E. Carpenter (The Marquis of Filletoville), that Mr. Maverly be elected President. Mr. Maverly agreed to accept the office, provided that the Club made a new rule that no President could occupy the position for two consecutive years; this with a view of the Club being able to elect a fresh President from among its members, without in any way touching the susceptibilities of the retiring one. The meeting agreeing with those views, the motion was then put, and carried with acclamation; musical honours crowning the election; Mr. Maverly to be eligible for re-election at the next annual general meeting.


November 16th.-A Club walk was carried out under the leadership of Serjeant Buzfuz (H.W. Tatum), from the Eagle, Snaresbrook, to the King’s Head, Chigwell. The usual pigeon-pie tea was partaken of; Shiny Villiam presided at the piano with his usual ability, and “the Serjeant” well earned the vote of thanks accorded.


At the general meeting on the 2nd December, the curious case of two members, Messrs. A.J. Smith and F.J. Field, having ridden a dead heat in a 24 hour’s ride (240 miles), and both claiming the Club gold medal, was carefully considered. The Club disallowed the claim, but awarded special medals, with suitable inscriptions on the same.


December 14th.- A Club walk was conducted by Mr. Jingle from Elstree to the Welsh Harp, Hendon, where a high tea was provided; fifteen members attended.


Note.- The Annual Dinner had to be postponed till the new year, owing to arrangements in connection with the Orion dance.

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