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A golf section was formed in 1924 possessing two superb silver trophies, one of which was donated by Mr. R.D.F. Paul (Nathaniel Winkle). The section had its ups and downs but was revived again in 1986 and now holds a popular annual meeting; three additional trophies have been provided.

Golf Day - 9 June 2011


Another convivial day was held at the welcoming Harpenden Common Golf Club when the weather was almost perfect for golf and cycling with just the occasional light shower. It was a good turnout by members, considering these straightened times. A total of 18 members attended bringing with them 26 guests and therefore 44 people sat down to a fine four course luncheon with excellent wines.

The golf was, as always, variable but played in good spirit, on a delightful course where the greens were in first class condition.

The winner of the magnificent Namby Cup for the best Stableford score was Fogg (ret.) with a score of 36 from a handicap of 17. ( Fogg had exchanged trophies from the Nathaniel Winkle Cup for nearest the pin which he won last year). Sgt. Buzzfuzz, who is often amongst the trophies, was second with 34 points - handicap 23 . Last year's winner, Samkin, was 3rd with 33 points from a handicap of 20.

In the guests' competition the Crandyke Cup was won by Gordon Cottenham (guest of Baillie Mac Something) with an eye watering (for the runner up) 44 points from a handicap of 12. John Whitbread (guest of Smithers) was second with 38 points - handicap 14 and third on a very narrow count back was Andy Wright (guest of Sgt Buzzfuzz) with 35 points from a handicap of 17.

The nearest the pin competition was a close run thing in as much at one point it looked as if no Pickwickian was going to get his ball on the green. However one member did achieve this and Sgt Buzzfuzz, I.T.M.A -(for younger members 'Its that man again') was the glorious winner being 6 3/7 Pickwickian paces from the pin. I am grateful to the partially indisposed Mr Justice Starleigh for adjudicating this nail biting competition.

Jinkins' Balls, usually awarded to the lowest Stableford score, were received graciously back by Mr Samuel Pickwick who, in his previous Pickwickian persona as Blink, has a special place reserved on his sideboard for said trophy. I had hoped that being relieved of the onerous duties of hon. golf secretary great things were to be achieved this year but this was not to be, he did however acquire one more point than last year with a magnificent 11 points. Onwards and upwards Mr Pickwick!

On a more .disappointing note the cycling numbers had fallen significantly compared to last year - the aforesaid Mr Justice Starleigh, Mr Brooks and Alfred Jingle were present at the luncheon but unable to take their usual places on the cycle ride due to hopefully temporary indispostions. The members look forward and seeing them back in their Iycra next year. The Hon Mr Crushton was due to ride but sent his apologies as he was unable to attend due to the process of moving house.

In the end four cyclists graced the roads around Harpenden with their athleticism and they were, Middlesex Dumpling, George Barnwell, Joseph .Smiggers esq. P.V.P.M.P.C and guest Michael Clark. Joseph Smiggers esq. P.V.P.M.P.C. won Blink's Bowl for cycling - well done.

Alfred Jingle was awarded the caption competition prize from the last news letter presented by Joe the Fat Boy. who also kindly was the official photographer once again

The prizes seem to consist of large amounts of waterproof Vaseline, together with some large portraits of Alfred Jingle in the form of fridge magnets. These, said Joe, would enable Jingles to gaze with admiration each time he entered his kitchen. The prize included a set of six shot glasses with which he could fill to toast his success.

Finally I am deeply grateful to Peter Magnus for producing such superb menu cards for the day. They were packed with entertaining cartoons and a caption competition run during the luncheon for one of the cartoons was won by Tom Martin for a suitably obtuse caption linking golf, sheep and lunch. I look forward to next year.