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Cycling Clubs

Many Pickwick Bicycle Members are cycling regularly with other cycling clubs; acting as event officials; involved in the organisation of events; or commentating for TV and radio.

Antelope Racing Team: Old Wardle (Glenn Longland), Master Tommy Bardell (Ralph Dadswell)

BCF: Joe, the Fat Boy (Stan Rose) - Divisional Badge of Honour

British Cycling: Joe, the Fat Boy (Stan Rose) - Life Member

De Laune CC: Antony Humm (Mike Peel)

G.S. Lantern Rouge: Mr. Justice Starleigh (Ron Gray), The Middlesex Dumpling (Mike Bunyan), Mr.Wicks (James Mepham), Pruffle (Aiden Hegarty), and Joe, the Fat Boy (Stan Rose)

Evesham Wheelers: Joseph Smiggers (Steve Bullen)

Harrow & Rickmansworth CC (The Ricky): Joe, the Fat Boy (Stan Rose), Slummintowkens (Ian Rose)

Kingston Wheelers: Pruffle (Aiden Hegarty)

Milk Race: Pruffle (Aiden Hegarty)

National Association of Veteran Cycle Clubs: Serjeant Buzfuz (Stephen Downham - President)

Pedal Club: Joe, the Fat Boy (Stan Rose) - Hon. Life Member; Mr Griggs (Ron Webb), George Nupkins (Tony Doyle MBE), Mr Green (Monty Young),  Mr Warren (Stuart Benstead), Thomas (Sean Bannister), Alfred Jingle (Ron Beale), The Middlesex Dumpling (Mike Bunyan), Tom Cummins (John Dennis), Mr Phunky (Ivan Dodd), Mr Smithie (Gino Goddard), Mr Justice Starleigh (Ron Gray), Hon. Mr Crushton (Nick Gritton), Pruffle (Aiden Hegarty), Villam (George Shakespeare), Mr Ayresleigh (David Duffield), Old Wardle (Glenn Longland), Mr Brooks (Michael Radford), Joseph Smiggers (Stephen Bullen)

Peterborough Vintage Cycle Club: Sniggle (Terry Wright - President)

Sydenham Wheelers: The Hon. Mr. Crushton (Nick Gritton)

The Solent Veteran Bicycle and Tricycle Club: Serjeant Buzfuz (Stephen Downham - Captain), Mr Brooks (Michael Radford), Old Nobs (Don Booth), Bullman (Brian Vandervilt) and Mr Watty (Stuart Mason-Elliot)

Verulam CC: Mr Justice Starleigh (Ron Gray), Mr Wicks (Jim Mepham), Hon. Wilmot Snipe (Peter Hamon)

Willesden CC: Mr Mallard (Ray Kelly)

For those who enjoy the thrills of track cycling, let us not forget the our Mr. Griggs (Ron Webb) has built 62 cycle tracks around the world - no small achievement - for today's cyclists.