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In the early years of the Club, it was customary to hold three major social functions each year, beyond the several “smoking concerts” and during Easter tours. These events consisted of the Opening Run and Closing Run concerts, usually in March and October. They took the form of music and recitations. Later, in December or early January, the Annual Dinner was held and this would include, in addition to the meal, the Prize Presentation, with entertainment by way of songs, piano recitals and recitations, interspersed with many toasts.  


 Captain (Dismal Jenny)               President (Samuel Pickwick)               Speaker  (Jed Stone)
            R. Upton                                      K. Robins                                from Coronation Street
140th Annual Garden Party held on 9 December 2010

Eddie Large was the Guest Speaker at the 139th Annual Garden Party held on 10 December 2009

Mr Brooks at the 46th Annual Benson Rally 2006

Easter Tour 1886